560 S 29th St
Harrisburg, PA 17104

(717) 920-1818

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4 Reviews for “Mitaka”

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    Patrick Says:

    Had our first and much-anticipated Sunday brunch dim sum yesterday. Very impressive. Yes Harrisburg, a little taste of NYC! Everything was well prepared and 90% of it to our liking. (That’s about average with dim sum, I’d guess, at least if one is a risk taker.)

    Nearly all of the dishes first out on the cart used dough: dumplings, won tons, etc. We got a copy of the pink dim sum menu from the lobby which had a much wider selection of dishes. When asked, the owner told us that they put on the cart the more popular dishes because they haven’t been serving long enough to really gauge their audience. When we told her that we wanted to try some of the other dishes, they were brought right out.

    Don’t get me wrong, the dumplings et al. were delicious. But the satay-like sesame chicken, the spare ribs, and the stuffed eggplant were incredible! Recommend if you like this type of dishes, you order them after you sit down, then eat dumplings while you wait.

    Service was fast and the variety of food very good. Another example of an owner paying close attention to her customers. Not 5-star perfect, but give it a few weeks and it will be.

    If you’ve not had dim sum before, be advised that the meal is better the more people you have sharing.

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    Sammiee Says:

    The food and service at Mitaka were wonderful, definitely recommended. BYOB. The decor was really nice, darker lighting, very modern and very clean (I couldn’t believe it was the same place as Pho Pasteur). Husband came with the intent on trying as much dim sum as possible, and we definitely did that.

    We ordered everything at once and I noticed that the waiter brought out everything in a nice timely order starting with the most mild items progressing to more stronger flavors. We started out with a sashimi appetizer, fish tasted fresh… although I am definitely not an expert-I always enjoy sushi no matter what. Next, my sushi order came out (softshell crab, California with eel, and Shrimp with lettuce… yum!).

    A few minutes after the sushi arrived, we received the first two dim sum items, shrimp with scallions and their house roll (husband said it tasted like chicken with peanuts?). The shrimp dumpling was very good, light, fresh, and herb-y tasting. Husband said the house dumpling was excellent too. Next we received two steamed pork buns, husband loved these… one of his favorite items of the night. I don’t eat pork, so I’ll take his word for it.

    A few more dumplings later, and we received my favorite part of the meal, hamachi kama (yellow tail collar) grilled. Delicious! Please try this next time (they also offer it at Miyako’s downtown)…just leave one for me. The meat, accompanied by the crispy charred skin, is wonderfully rich and flavorful, enhanced even more by the necessary act of sucking the remaining meat off the bone. To finish off the meal, we received our last dim sum item, baked pork buns. I cannot vouch for the flavor, but they definitely looked delicious with their shiny brown exterior. Dessert was definitely not necessary!

    There was a wide variety of items on their dim sum menu (spring rolls, aged tofu, etc, even a vegetable dim sum sampler). I will definitely be coming back to try more!

    Update: I wrote this review a few weeks ago and visited Mitaka again this past weekend. The sushi & dumplings were again very good, service was excellent

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    Debra Says:

    We were so excited that Dim Sum was finally being served so close to home! We’ve always traveled so far to enjoy one of our favorite meals. Several weeks ago we tried this new restaurant. The Dim Sum menu was fairly extensive and it was delicious! They told us they were starting cart service in mid February, so yesterday we went back. Then good news is the Dim Sum is still delicious; the bad news is the cart service was horrible. They are in need of more training. We left after 2 hours not because we were finished eating, but because we were tired of waiting for more Dim Sum to he offered from the cart. I highly recommend this restaurant’s Dim Sum; but ask for a menu and order from it, don’t wait for cart service.

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    DanR Says:

    We are pleased a restaurant moved back in to this location since the last one burned down and even more pleased it’s a step up. I recommend the dumplings. Good luck to the new owners.

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